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Are your operations geographically distributed across a number of sites and affected by poor equipment working conditions, or you are really not sure what the issues are? Do you feel the need to allocate dedicated man power for each site to keep an eye on your equipment, and also on the operational expenses and risks associated with power quality, generator, fuel management and environmental alarms?


And you wish there was a simpler & cost effective way to manage your multiple sites?


The SmartMon.Net Remote Monitoring System is the answer to your operational problems, by providing a complete range of intelligent monitoring solutions to ensure your business continuity. By working as your in-house power expert, the system can safeguard massive investments in infrastructure, increase the reliability of your system and minimize the unforeseen events which have a negative affect on your productivity. It all comes down to having the right information at the right time.


Using SmartMon.Net, you can easily monitor and manage a large number of sites and handle multiple devices at a time. The system provides a rapid route to business profitability through reduced cost and increased revenues, while making life easier for operations management.



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