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SmartMon.Net is a smart monitoring and reporting system, which enables remote monitoring and managing equipment & devices over the Internet, via a Smart GPRS Gateway Terminal (SmartGT) connected to the site hardware. SmartGT communicates with devices via proprietary or MODBUS protocols, using RS-485 serial port. The system is called an M2M (Machine to Machine) Telemetry system.


The SmartMon.Net central server software offers device and sites administration, communication, database storage, alarm processing, notification, analysis and reporting. SmartMon.Net monitors the state of a site 24/7 and as soon as any alarm occurs, the system is able to send an SMS and E-mail to notify the event. Live data can be readily monitored using an Internet browser from anywhere in the world. A wap browse is also available for simple & quick mobile phone interface.


Using SmartMon.Net, the user can easily monitor and manage large number of sites and view multiple devices of multiple sites at a time. The system provides a rapid route to business profitability through reduced cost and increased revenues, while making life easier for operations management.

SmartMon.Net - Network Application Diagram



Applications Some key Benefits
 Power      Utility & Site Power Quality - study cause & effect, decide exact action to take
 Energy      Actual vs Assumptive Energy Consumption - define next course of action for reduction
 Generator      Generator Performance Improvement - plan better sizing & balanced loading
 Fuel      Actual Fuel Consumption - prevent wastage & theft, improve inventory management
 UPS      AC Source & UPS Performance - take preventive actions for improved reliability
 Batteries      Battery String Health - actual performance & prevent early failure - improve reliability
 Solar/Wind      Validate Investment - measure performance & plan maintenance & improvements
 Environment      Verify & study affect of / to equipment - take preventive action
 Alarms      Immediate Alert to Unwanted Behavior - take immediate actions & plan improvements

     Enhance Power System Operational Reliability

     Reduce Repair & Maintenance Cost, Maximize Equipment Uptime



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