Welcome to the SmartMon.Net Partner program!

Whether you are a distributor or a power equipment or device manufacturer, SmartMon.Net will serve as a perfect blend with your current business. Becoming a member of the SmartMon.Net partner program shall unveil new business avenues for your company. The opportunity to increase sales, broadening your market boundaries and having an edge over the competition is enormous, as we not only share our knowledge and experience but also provide excellent technical support to ensure your growth with our own.

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We are looking for dynamic companies who are passionate about an innovative approach to Operation and Energy Management; companies who wish to see their customers achieve operational excellence by saving energy and reducing costs.

Working with distributors gives us the opportunity to penetrate markets in which we have no local corporate presence. Our distributors avail unique opportunities which allow them to become competitive in their respective market segments, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Our OEM program offers value-added bundling opportunities to power equipment or device manufacturers by facilitating them to integrate SmartMon.Net into their own products at a cost effective price and thus increase the value and functionality offered to satisfy diverse customer requirements.

Why should you become a SmartMon.Net OEM partner?

  • Simple integration into your products.
  • Optimize your R&D Budget, don’t re-invent the wheel.
  • Enable your customers to derive the best results out of your hardware.
  • Raise the bar by adding value to your products – have an edge over your competition.
  • Explore new business avenues.

Interested in working with us?

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