SmartMon.Net has designed & produced hardware to monitor numerous environment & power conditions with state of the art technology. Most of the devices are also stand alone functions, meant to provide local metering & control of utility & generator power.

These remote devices can be connected to a server via SmartGT and thus enable Remote Monitoring.

Smart GT

SmartGT is a GPRS Gateway Terminal which connects to the site hardware and thus functions as the heart of SmartMon.Net by communicating with devices via proprietary or MODBUS protocols using RS-485 serial port.

SmartGT polls each module sequentially to collect data which is then embedded into a standard TCP/IP protocol so as to be sent to the central server through GPRS modem. Thus near time monitoring and analysis is conveniently accessible to the concerned and authorized personnel any where in the world. Moreover, it is capable of remote device management i.e. changing internal settings of devices on request from the central server.

Key Features:

  • Remote Management of GT and Connected devices
  • Retrieval of LIVE data via economical GPRS/GSM connectivity
  • Dual Redundant GSM Network Support (2 x SIM Holders)
  • SMS as an alternate route in case GPRS fails
  • 30 days data storage if connectivity with server is lost for any reason
  • Real Time Clock for synchronization with central server
  • 6 Digital Input Ports for dry contact alarm monitoring
  • 1 Temperature sensor port


Power Input12Vdc @ 200mA (1A peak at transmit)
Communication with central serverBuilt in GPRS Modem / SMS
Communication with Slave Devices (RTUs)RS485 port
Configuration & SettingsRS232 port (or remotely from server, or via SMS)
Baud rate (for both)Configurable 2400 to 19200 bps

Auxiliary Functions

Digital Inputs6 x Alarms (dry contacts)
Temperature sense input1 x Analog
ConnectionsInternal / External Antennae
RJ45 (RS232), Screw Terminal (RS485), Power


Local communication with upto 31 MODBUS devicesRetrieval of LIVE data via economical GPRS/GSM Connectivity
Dual Redundant GSM Network Support (2 X SIM Holders)SMS as an alternate route in case GPRS fails
Acts as Master Terminal Unit for connected slave modules (RTUs)30 days data storage of polled devices, if connectivity to server is lost

Compatible Hardware

SmartMon.Net is currently compatible with following companies hardware. This list will be updated as more hardware/devices are added

Some examples of hardware which can be monitored: